Images from the Dobson Grass-Fed Beef Farm Tour, 

Summer 2013.


Photo 1.  Two wagons filled with enthusiastic guests in late June, 2013.  Bob preps. everybody for the first stage of the tour.  


 Photo 2.  The all-season, solar powered watering trough.  The younger crowd prefer a more hands-on experience.


Photo 3.  Cattle at the stream-fed watering system.  Note that any environmental damage from the cattle is being constrained by this system.  Also, the trees that were planted some years ago to improve the ecosystem are now reaching maturity.





 Photo 4. Solar Powered water pump.  Part of the overall automated water system that keeps cattle away from the restored stream course.







 Photo 5.  The re-planted and wooded embankments along the stream on the Dobson Farm.  Compare this photo with the ones in our "History" tab.







 Photo 6.  An example of the radio frequency identification tag (RFID) tag that tracks our cattle from farm to finish.  It is a requirement from the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency that helps ensure a quality product.




Photo 7.  Heading home at the end of the tour.  Bob checks to make sure that everything is secure.


More Images from around the Farm 



 Photo 1.  Follow the leader.  Bringing the cattle herd in from the back of the farm in an early winter snow storm 2005/2006.  The cattle had wintered there for the first couple of months that year.  We left the hay that was harvested at the far end of the farm and used it in the first few months of the winter.  By this method, the valuable manure gets spread out over the whole farm more evenly.


Photo 2.  Inspecting the remaining winter hay for use as early spring feed before pasturing the cattle.  This seasonal transition is a critical time of the year.

Photo 3.  Freshly cut hay drying and awaiting transport to an outdoor storage area where it will be protected by a weather shield.

 Photo 4.  The finished product.  Wrapped hay in background with an eager customer awaiting a meal.

Photo 5.  Cattle foraging on new spring pasture on the Dobson Farm, 2013. 

 Photo 6.  Our cattle are a mix of Charolais and Angus.  These are known to produce beef animals that have more red meat and less fat.

Photo 7.  Semi-friendly competition between a couple of young steers in sight of the old Dobson farmstead barns, which are more than 100 years old.




Photo 8.  Dodging the damp days during the first cut of grass in early June 2014.







Photo 9.  Haylage on its way to storage, June 2014.  Haylage is made from the same crop as normal hay, but contains a higher moisture content and retains more nutrients.  With the proper equipment and storage techniques, this product can significantly increase the food value to cattle.







Photo 10.  A visit from a research team from the Henan Institute of Science and Technology, China, November 2014.  Henan is a major agricultural province and the delegates are travelling to Canada to learn more about innovations in agriculture that aim to protect the environment and enhance ecological and sustainable production, providing for superior quality food.




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