Over the years, our farm has appeared in many publications. It has always been an outstanding example to other farms in Ontario, for our success in implementing innovative and sustainable practices.

Take some time to browse the highlighted articles, and learn about the positive effects this continually evolving farm has had throughout Ontario and Canada.

"What's Your Beef?" from "Harrowsmith," February 1994. Bob Dobson features prominently in this excellent article about consumer perception of beef, and some of the myths behind beef production and the environment

from "The Valley Farmer" October 8, 1992 

"Local Man Wins Stewardship Award" 

from "The Cobden Sun" Oct. 5th 1996


"Snake River Project: Wetlands, Woodlands and Wildlife Partnerships"

A speech given by Bob Dobson at the '97 River Rendezvous

"Rancher Welcomes Wildlife"

from "The Western Producer," 31 August 2000

  "Cultivating a New Cattle Culture: Lifelong Learning and Pasture Land Management." 

A paper by Ian MacLachlan et al, University of Lethbridge, 2005


"Innovative Techniques for Water Management on the Farm."  

Eco Farm Day, Canadian Organic Growers, 2013.

"Independent Marketing and Distribution"

A talk given by Bob at the "Sustain Ontario" conference, "Carving Our Niche - Growing the Grass-Fed Beef Market," 2014.

"NYN- The Dobson Farm"

A conversation with Bob Dobson about his grass-fed beef operation and off-stream, solar powered cattle watering system.  This video is part of the Nature In Your Neighbourhood (NYN) series and was produced through a collaboration of the Bonnechere River Watershed Project, the Ottawa River Institute and TVCogeco as part of a multi-faceted environmental outreach and education initiative for the Bonnechere River watershed.  It was funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, 2014.

"Farm Interns in the Ottawa Region."  

Dobson's Grass-Fed Beef is a supporter of the Farm Intern Program of 

"Just Food Ottawa"

"Chinese get Closer Look at Dobson's Grass-fed Beef"

On 11 September 2014, a group of senior personnel from the agricultural arm of China's Department of Finance toured Bob Dobson's farm.  Read about the event in this comprehensive article written by Steve Newman, reproduced here courtesy of "The Renfrew Mercury," 25 September 2014.