The Dobson family began farming in the scenic Ottawa Valley, Ontario in the 1830s. The current farm location, in the Upper Ottawa Valley near Cobden, was established by Robert Dobson's great-great grandfather in the year 1857. Cattle have grazed this land continuously since then. Bob and his family hope that many more generations can keep farming this land. He believes that it is only through our continuing efforts to be good stewards of the land that our farm and our way of life will be sustainable well into the future. On our farm we believe that our well being is directly related to the environmental health of the farm.

William Dobson and Family, circa 1880

In 1962 the family farm was known as Laurentian View Farms.  At that time a relatively modest operation, we worked to expand the farm to over 400 head in the mid-90s.  As the farm evolved, Bob took on extra duties and served on the Board of Directors and a term as President of the Ont. Cattlemen's Association.  He also served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association where  he chaired and co-chaired their Environment and Animal-Care Committee.

Bob introduces our solar powered watering
system to a delegation from the University
of Mexico, summer 2002.

As well as playing a significant role in the farming community, Bob puts environment first on the farm. Aside from extensive tree planting and watershed protection, he ensures that his cattle play a positive role in the farm ecosystem. The farm's many environmental innovations have attracted thousands of visitors, including Chinese students, a Korean trade delegation, and professors from the University of Mexico. Our farm has also served as a demonstration site for local farmers to learn about the latest environmental innovations.

In recognition of his efforts, Bob was the first recipient of the Ontario Cattlemen's Association Environmental Stewardship Award in 1994. In 1996, Bob was awarded an Honorary Life Membership in the Ontario Institute of Agrologists. Additionally, Bob was inducted into the Renfrew County Agricultural Hall of Fame in 2003.

After many years of working towards an environmentally sustainable cattle operation, we undertook the next step - the production of grass-fed beef.

This allowed us to reduce the herd size and concentrate on more environmental projects on the farm and in the community. Grass-fed beef is much more environmentally friendly, and we want you, the customer, to be part of the environmental success of this farm. By purchasing beef directly from our farm, you get more than just a safe and wholesome product. You also contribute to a sustainable farm and its tremendous benefits for both the natural environment and for the rural community.

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